Winter 2014-2015

This workshop  was commissioned by DHC/ART -Éducation to accompany exhibitions by

Richard Mosse and Valérie Belin

The workshop Lucida is a tactile exploration of light through the creation of cyanotypes, or “sun prints”. It is inspired by the sense of wonder one can experience when watching an image reveal itself, little by little, in the traditional darkroom environment. In a similar spirit to how Richard Mosse and Valérie Belin engage in a philosophical and material investigation of the photographic process, the workshop offers an opportunity to experiment with an object’s form as revealed by the presence of it’s trace – a tangible, luminous mark that emerges from the photosensitive surface.

The cyanotype is among the oldest of photographic processes. The image created in the workshop is a photogram, meaning the photograph is obtained without the use of a camera. Rather, objects or stencils are placed on a photosensitive surface, which is then exposed to a light source. The cyanotype is thus an exploration in invisibility and the transformation of the photographed object, given that it is a shadow of the object on the paper – its “light shadow”.

Since 2011, DHC/ART workshops have been designed with local artists. Lucida is the result of a collaboration between DHC/ART — Education and audio/visual artist Pohanna Pyne Feinberg.