2013    “What if I Don’t See Anything”   DHC/ART contemporary art foundation , Education team blog

2013   “A Sonic Reflection”  DHC/ART contemporary art foundation, Education team blog

2012    Documenting Community Art: Creating On-Line Collective Memory Projects,   commissioned by Skol, centre des arts actuels.

2011    Making the invisible visible: documenting the creative process;  thesis, MA Art History, Concordia University

2009    Canada’s Got Treasures – Rideau Canal and Aboriginal Veteran’s Monument, Virtual Museum.ca

2008   “Curation as Cultural Activism: A Strategy for Rearranging Desires” – Rearranging Desires, FOFA gallery

2007     Explorations Narratives / Replaying Narrative, biographies for the biennale catalogue for Le Mois de la Photo à  Montréal, Editor, Marie Fraser