The relationship between walking and creativity is at the heart of my doctoral research, which is arts-based and incorporates walking as a method of learning and knowing. My current phase of research involves developing a series of audio-visual works inspired by walks through alleys in Montreal.


In particular, I am focusing on the experience of walking through green alleys or ruelles vertesas they are known in Montréal, which are initiated through citizen mobilization and become shared community resources. Both intimate and public, left to grow wild yet semi-landscaped, these liminal spaces provide a uniquely alternative place to walk and contribute to the character of the city.

In April 2015, I contacted Le Regroupement des éco-quartiers to explore how my research in the ruelles vertes could be of service to the wider community. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Regroupement is in the midst of developing a new city-wide project titled Parcours des ruelles vertes et actives - which can be translated as “green alley pathways”.

“Dans le cadre de Je Vois Montréal, le Regroupement des Éco-Quartiers, a déposé le projet de Parcours de ruelles vertes et actives, j’ai ma ruelle à coeur. L’objectif de ce projet est de développer destrajets favorisant la pratique de l’activité physique par des gens de tous âges, tout en les faisant profiter des oasis urbaines que représentent les ruelles vertes.”

With encouragement and generosity expressed by the Regroupement team, my research will contribute a creative component to the Parcours des ruelles vertes et actives project. I aspire to create activities that encourage people (of diverse ages and abilities) to embrace walking as a means of generating their creativity.

I began my research this summer by walking along a few green alley pathways in the neighborhood of Ville-Émard (located South West Montreal) and creating audio-visual worksthat are inspired during these walks (which I will share at a later date). I will continue to walk during the upcoming seasons while concurrently adapting my methods of walking and into activities that will be offered to community members during Spring/Summer 2016.

In this featured section of my website, you will find images and sounds that document my walks, questions I am raising during the research process, and also some resources that influence my work over the year.

I appreciate your comments, please feel free to send them to me:

I am grateful to the support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Fine Arts Faculty of Concordia University that has made this research possible.