www. inspireart.org

INSPIRE ART is an on-line magazine dedicated to increasing awareness about community and activist art initiatives in Montreal, as well as the surrounding region. I founded INSPIRE ART in 2009 in order to provide a space where we can share ideas about how creative expression can be used to build healthy communities, share our stories, and manifest our visions for social and environmental justice.

Photo from my participation with the Wapikoni Mobile project in Ouje-Bougoumou 2009.

My long-term aspirations for this  project are:

– To encourage artistic collaboration as a tool for facilitating communication and actualizing social and environmental justice in the Montreal region.

– To serve as a promotional space and public archive of events, programs and other community art news in the Montreal region.

– To facilitate dialogue about community art practices and highlight the relationships between the local and the transnational community art movements.